*Gopher turtle is a genus belonging to a wild turtle species. Gopher Tortoise A group of turtles that appeared 60 million years ago in the North American continent and now live in the southern United States and Mexico. Gopher is the only species of wild turtle living in North America.

– These turtles have the ability to dig deep in the sand, with a length of 12 meters and a depth of 3 meters. Many animals, Such as reptiles, amphibians and birds. The length of the American turtles ranges from 20 to 50 centimeters, depending on their type.

– This type of animal is slow to grow and has a long life. It has not changed much in the last 60 million years. It is the largest turtle in the United States.

– It is an essential species in the ecosystem of the Mojave Desert, where burrows are available to other animals.

– The seeds that remain from their meals are placed on the ground to re-colonize local plants and herbs in the desert. The tortoiseshell is brown or gray.

– The Gopher turtle has good hearing, but has no external ear, and its shell provides plenty of space for its lungs and heat to adapt to life.

* Gopher’s diet:

– eat the herbs, flowers, fruit and cactus, these foods contain a lot of moisture, turtle Gopher remain for up to a year without getting fresh water, and digest food in approximately 20 to 30 days

* Life in the desert is known to be harsh, temperatures up to above 41 degrees, how to Care for Musk Turtle, with little rain.

Despite this, the Gopher turtle is ready to deal with such a harsh weather:

– hiding in the hole and less activity during the summer with high temperature, has the front ends to help the drilling.

– The turtle digs soil basins to control the little rain that descends.

And remember where these holes are dug, and go to after the rain, and stores water up to 40% of the weight of the body inside the bladder to absorb it when necessary.

– These turtles are called Gopher as they live in underground burrows, as do the gopher completely, as they spend a lot of time underground,

They are able to survive with little food, and are prepared from cold blooded animals

, The temperature of the same temperature of the vicinity, so help burrows to cool at high temperatures.

– During the winter when the food is scarce, the turtles are doing a slumber-like reptile in the hole with the dirt accumulated at the entrance to prevent rain and cold throughout the winter.

– When the spring comes turtles appear, the sun is bright and warm to start the metabolism, then the plants are covered.

– Turtle burrows protect predators, wolves and foxes, and egg turtles can become a meal for squirrels, scorpions, and crows.

– Desert turtles are active in spring, early summer, and during the activity season they move through their homes to eat, where several burrows are used as needed.

* Threats and threats:

– Since 1989, the US government has protected the Gopher turtle throughout the desert of California, Nevada and Arizona, with wild desert numbers dropping by an estimated 90 percent in the past 20 years.

Breeding Turtle Gopher at Home:

All turtles should be careful to put the sand in the area where the turtle is located.because The gopher turtle in the desert used to dig deep sand burrows to protect itself from different temperatures. This breed of turtle is one of the species that is difficult to get easily because it is They hide in the depths of the desert soil.

One of the most important characteristics of the turtle Gopher is that it does not need much water for its storage of water in its body so that it can store the water for as long as possible and later use in periods of drought that prevent desert turtles from going out.

– The gopher turtle can live for up to 100 years in most cases, and the turtle is most active during the morning.


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